Performance Textiles

Dale Intertec Ltd are the UK market leaders in specialist technical textiles.

We supply technical textiles such as Fire Retardant Fabric with NOMEX® and Anti Stab/Anti Slash Fabric with KEVLAR® brand fibres to a wide range of clients including the army, fire fighters and the police.

Discover the cutting edge technical fibres we manufacture and the wide range of Sectors & Applicationsapplications they may be used for:

Fire Retardant Fabric NOMEX® Brand Fibres – The thermal protection fibre from DuPont(TM)

Permanently engineered into fabrics at a molecular level, Nomex® fibres provide lightweight defense from flames and ultra high temperatures. This make an extremely effective fire retardant fabric.

Anti Stab/Anti Slash Fabricwith KEVLAR® Brand Fibres- DuPont(TM) super strength flexible fibre

By using advanced technologies, the high tensile strength of Kevlar® fibres is combined with a tough structural rigidity to give high levels of cut & abrasion resistance. This makes an extremely effective anti stab/anti slash fabric.

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